Our Story

We founded The Worktool to help contractors earn more money and reduce work.

Out of all the expenses residential contractors have and we believe that job software and leads shouldn’t cost a fortune.

We’re building simple tools to make your life and your business easier and more successful.

Founded by contractors  who understand the hassles of contracting and interacting with other industries, like insurance, The Worktool cuts through the busy work and waste, letting you bring home more profit, while simplifying your work life.

In a busy world, we:

  • Manage your online reputation.  Use The Worktool to build a strong online presence, showcase your work, and find high-quality leads.
  • Save time when hiring: One-click COI requests when you hire a subcontractor
  • Automate tasks: One-click supplement review service connects you instantly with insurance-savvy professionals, who will make sure that you get paid what you should.

Our one-click tools are easy to use, bring immediate gains and savings, and save you time. We continue to develop new, easy-use solutions that are made for a contractor’s life, needs, and bottom line.

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