Contractor Leads and Tools

High-quality, verified local leads, and 1-click success tools

Powerful Listing

Our contractor list is highly visible, and is a platform for powerful marketing.

Qualified List Upgrade

We verify and include your business in our Qualified Pro LIsting quarterly.

Connect with Leads

Our lead package sends you phone-verified local leads for fast followup.

Grow Your Business

Our 1-click tools help you get paid more, hire faster and better, and stop wasting time.

Sign Up for Leads

Quality Local Leads Improve Your Bottom Line

Step 1. List Your Business

 Create a free listing for your business on The Worktool.  Homeowners can browse your listing for free.


Step 2. Upgrade to a Qualified Listing

 The Qualified Listing badge indicates that we’ve called you,  and checked your references, license, insurance, and background. 

Step 3. Sign up for a Lead Package

 Sign up for our lead program and get high-quality, local, phone-verified leads at the lowest price in the industry. 

Your Free Listing on the Pro List

Your business profile is always visible — never hidden — in The Worktool pro list. Homeowners can see your listing directly, in addition to requesting leads. 

List a Job on The Worktool Site

People are important.  List your job on The Worktool and find new contractors when you need them.  The 1-Click COI Tool makes it easy to hire!

Qualified Pro Badge Makes You More Hireable

Qualified Pro Gets More Leads

Qualified Pro symbolizes a validated, trustworthy company.

Qualified Pro Listing

Quarterly Qualified Pro Listing is sent out to surrounding businesses, property managers and real estate investors..


Qualified Pro validation qualifies for product discounts –and more.

1-Click Tools Offer Immediate Benefits

Easy Hiring with 1-Click COI Request

The Worktool 1-click COI request tool saves your time.  One simple click sends a COI request directly to a subcontractor’s insurance agent. Never chase down insurance paperwork again!

1-Click Supplement Review

Insurance claim estimates for repair work are often shockingly low, missing from  10% to 40%  of the work that you need to do to finish the job.

1-click supplement review service reviews your insurance estimates, making sure that you get paid for the work that you do.

The Worktool App
By Contractors, For Contractors

Receive Leads

Receive leads in the app, and follow up easily. Find your leads easily.


Improve Visibility

Qualified Pro listing service verifies license, background, description, and portfolio information. Customers can find you immediately.

Pro List/Job List

Pro list of contractors and subcontractors. List jobs and find workers.


1-Button COI Request

No more chasing after paperwork. One click sends a request.

1-Button Supplement Review

Earn 10% to 50% more. Make sure you get paid for all your insurance work.

Worktool Manager

Look for our upcoming Worktool Manager for simple tools that help you do better business.