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About The Worktool

The Worktool makes tools for contractors, and we work to attract the highest-qualified contractors onto our site.  You can search through our Pro List, or you can ask for a bid on your project. 

Your Area

When you request a bid from The Worktool, we search for the highest-qualified contractors within 30 miles of you.  Then we send your information out to 3 carefully-selected local contractors, who will respond with bids.

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or if you know real estate agents or anybody who will refer you we can put their profiles here!!!!!

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Our contractors business profiles are always visible — never hidden — in The Worktool pro list. Check out the contractors in your area.  

Qualified Pro Badge Means Verified

Qualified Pro

Qualified Pro symbolizes a validated, trustworthy company.

Qualified Pro List

Our Quarterly Qualified Pro List goes to surrounding businesses, property managers and real estate investors..

Look for the Check

We telephone, check references, and background for Qualified Pro status.

Powerful Listing

Unlike other companies, we include a full listing of all of our contractors. You can look through our listing yourself, or you can ask us for suggestions.

Qualified Status

If the contractor's profile displays a Qualified List Upgrade, that means that we have fully verified and checked them. Get our Qualified Pro LIsting quarterly, below.

Connect Immediately

When you sign up for leads, we find you the best local home improvement contractors, who contact you immediately.

Meet Contractors you Love

We don't just sell leads. We're establishing a trusted community of respected professionals . We believe in relationships.