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Our 1-Click COI Request Makes Hiring Simple

Our COI Request Tool is Simple

Enter your insurance agent's contact information into your Worktool profile.

Share your profile on The Worktool with your requesting company

The requesting company enters their information on the COI Request Form

When you approve a request, your insurance agent completes the COI. That's it!

Join The Worktool for 1-Click COI

The Powerful Worktool Membership Makes Your Life Easier!

Step 1. List Your Business

Usually, it is subcontractors who put a 1-Click COI Button onto their site. reate a free listing for your business on The Worktool.  


Step 2. Add Your COI Information

To get a 1-Click COI Button on your Membership Profile, simply add your insurance agent’s contact information to your profile. 

Step 3. Get Hired Faster

Contractors can use the 1-Click COI Button to speed up paperwork and hire you fast.

The Worktool App
By Contractors, For Contractors

Receive Leads

Receive leads in the app, and follow up easily. Find your leads easily.


Improve Visibility

Qualified Pro listing service verifies license, background, description, and portfolio information. Customers can find you immediately.

Pro List/Job List

Pro list of contractors and subcontractors. List jobs and find workers.


1-Button COI Request

No more chasing after paperwork. One click sends a request.

1-Button Supplement Review

Earn 10% to 50% more. Make sure you get paid for all your insurance work.

Worktool Manager

Look for our upcoming Worktool Manager for simple tools that help you do better business.