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Frequently asked questions

Most other lead companies use anonymous web sites to grab lead information and send it on to you.  This means poor quality leads who aren’t verified.  We’re local.  We’re transparent — Worktool lets homeowners look at actual contractors and call them directly, if they want to.  And the leads we collect are attached to qualified, verified homeowners. 

The Worktool Qualified Pro list verifies your business and your background and puts a pre-qualified button next to your listing, to assure homeowners that your business is trustworthy and qualified.

At the Worktool, we believe that if you’re a qualified, hard-working contractor, it’s good to know other subcontractors and contractors like yourself, for collaboration and hiring.  The Pro List is a way that you can always have a list of professionals you might need — right in The Worktool App.

The Worktool App is free.  There is a small monthly charge for verified leads and to become a Qualified Contractor. 

Contractors and subcontractors report that keeping track of COI’s (Certificate of Insurance) can be a real pain in the neck for everyone.  When you list your company on The Worktool, you can also connect your insurance information and your insurance agent’s contact information. So when someone wants to hire you, then can request a COI with one click. Easier and faster way to get hired.

Many contractors walk away from between 10% to 50% of the money they could make on insurance jobs simply because they lack the experience or software tools to go in and review — and sometimes challenge — insurance estimates. With our 1 button supplement review you can put one of our experienced prior adjusters or insurance estimators in charge of that task and rest assured that you will receive what you should from the insurance payout.  1-click Insurance Supplement Review puts an expert in your pocket.